I have minutes to get ready for Blissdom – literally.
I was up til 2:00am making those cookies…and then got to the end of that fabulous recipe, and realized I hadn’t added the brown sugar.
I went back and added it, but at 1 am, it wasn’t quite as funny as it is now.
And I consider myself a Queen of Multitasking. – HA!

The dishes are still in the sink.

My kids are asleep, and need to get started with school.
I am leaving the house a wreck…so sorry honey. UGH!
I am not packed.
I WANT to go to triple coupon weekend at Harris Teeter, and yet I am sitting here saying “good bye.” (We’ve decided I need a real life if I am so sad over missing Triple Coupons…which I am).

But in spite of all that, I want you to know….I wish you were all coming, and I could meet every single one of you in real life.
And then you could ask me “how do you do it all?” in real life, and I wouldn’t have to tell you about my dirty dishes on this blog.

Emily, the Nester, and I are leaving in an hour to drive to Nashville for the Blissdom blogging conference.
I’m bringing my laptop (well, my hubby’s…but it’s all the same, right?), and I’m sure I’ll learn from all these ubber talented high executive bloggers,
how to post cross country.
I might even learn how to become a “real” blogger.
What’s a “real” blogger?
One that is not constantly typing off her posts minutes before she hits “publish.”
One that actually edits….
One that sits down with some themes in mind….
one that……
Sheesh, I better stop, or I may psyche myself out from going – NAW! 🙂
(edited to add) Chuckling as I type because this post accidentally published in the middle of a sentence. Having serious laptop issues….this real bloger is…..

I am excited to share all that I learn …blogging has become a bit of a surreal experience, don’t you agree? This conference will legitimize it for me, and hopefully teach me how to take it to a new level.
The best part is that it will be nice to have my friends jump out of this computer. 🙂

Now that I have procrastinate even more time away..I am off to pack.
Yes, some ladies have been shopping for months for this conference,
and I am going to sport my thrifty wardrobe.
For fun, I am only going to wear all things purchased second hand.
Can’t wait to walk you through some designer wardrobes – all under $15 with shoes, and jewelry.
Now, off to find those in my closet….shouldn’t be too hard. 🙂