Thank you to the hundreds of you that attended my workshop – Living on More…with Less – at the NCHE conference.
Welcome aboard this new frugal living adventure. One hour just wasn’t enough time to cover all the bases, and I wanted to put you in touch with the easiest way to know the weekly grocery sales and coupon match ups.
There are two couponing forums that I use. When I don’t have time to scan the sales fliers and compare the coupons personally, the forums do the work for me.

They offer this service on every store imaginable.
Here is the beauty of this site – they share what is on sale, the date the coupon was in the newspaper, and the exact coupon section to refer to – Red Plum (RP), Smart Source (SS), or the P&G section.
Couponing made easy!

Click on the picture below to sign up – for free – and you will be amazed (and initially overwhelmed ) at the ease by which they make this world of extreme coupon cutting. 🙂
They send a “welcome email” where you can introduce yourself once you log in. You can ask questions, and members are very quick to answer.
This is a forum, so you will have a myriad of people making comments. Often, I skip over most of the comments for time sake, and just read the weekly sales match ups for the stores I frequent.
There is a learning curve, so just take baby steps in this new journey. When you receive your first grocery item FOR FREE, make sure you let me know and we will do the happy couponing dance together. 🙂

*edited to add I was just informed that if you make even one post on this forum…even if you just take one minute and click on the “introduce yourself” section, they will give me a referral benefit. I didn’t realize this but I would love it if you might consider supporting me with that. Even if you choose not to… ENJOY…this is a great networking site.

Again for your couponing newbies. One of my easiest sources for coupons is right here on my blog. If you look to the left of the screen, you will see a coupon widget with pictures of specific products. You may print two of each item, and they reload with different items throughout the month. Right now there is everything from Huggies diapers, to Kraft foods. I have rarely seen a $1.50 off Starbucks, and am very excited to indulge a bit (by making the coffee myself, of course). 🙂
So print and enjoy the immediate savings. If you have never printed internet coupons before, you will have to allow them access to enable the scanner. This takes seconds, and is always virus free. Or, click below and may sign up for email updates and access to additional coupons at any time.

Free Grocery Coupons

I will be giving more specific details about the couponing process throughout the week, so keep coming back for more ideas.