…why you buy it from someone else, of course!

You truly didn’t think I would be giving out decorating tips on bedding, did you?
I stop at the fashion and decorating with spray paint tips, but I do have a few gems to share with you about what I have learned this past year.
1. Did you know that people spend 1/3 of their lifetime in bed?
2. Did you know that many people change out their bedding each season?
3. Did you know that people paint their room based on a comforter set?
4. Did you know that I had no clue how expensive some of these sets are selling for?

Well, I have come a long way since I poured my heart out over my bedroom bedlam,
and in keeping with the theme of making my home a haven, I am actually swapping out my bedding today.
Yes, today I am changing out my cozy, winter down comforter from this…

To this….soft, light and ready for the summer months.
I am one who is very content to have the same comforter for years. I never even thought about the fact that people might change their styles based on the seasons until I started reading blogs this past year.
So when I hit the jackpot at this amazing yard sale last fall, I started practically hugging the woman. Yes, I did!
She was completely redoing their guest room and she had everything up for sale. She told me that only one person had ever used this set! WHAT? And she was redoing it?
Well, as much as I wanted to talk her out of this wasteful spending, who was I to step on toes? I gladly took them off her hands.
The quality in this set is unbelievable and the original price…you don’t even want to know. This is the same woman who sold me the $449 Pottery Barn living room carpet for $5, if you want to guess.
She sold me the 4 throw pillows, down comforter, and 3 different dust ruffles for $7.
Now, here’s the neat things that happens when you shop thrift with eagle eyes. Do you notice the cozy flannel “matching” sheets in the right picture? Those were NOT included.
I found those at Good Will two weeks later. I know…it was a God thing.
I love when that happens.

So now, we’re on to my summer theme. I just love this coverlet that I found at Goodwill for $5. It makes me so happy when I gaze at it, and depending on the lightening, it takes on different looks. The details are beautiful. I don’t see them made like that any more (or at least not for $5). 😉

The large yellow throw pillows also came from the Guest Room lady, and I am trying to determine if I want to stay with the dainty, white accent pillows, or put a little bold in black.
And if I going to continue on the transparent theme, I would love to show you the bed all made up, but the sheets are in the wash and I completely staged these pillows for this post. 🙂

I confessed that I have come a very long way since sharing my bedroom bedlam, but to make my bed twice in five minutes, just for a blog post? Love you all anyway. 🙂

So what did I learn about finding the perfect bedding?
Realistically, many of us dream of having that cozy haven. We would love the chic designer look, but practically, it’s just not a priority in our household budget.
Well, once again, if you search with eagle eyes, you just never know the treasures that lurk when someone is redecorating their guest room.

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