How am I at the bottom of a seven pound bulk bag of brown sugar and it’s still nice and soft?
Early in my marriage, someone shared this tip with me.
Last month, I happened to mention it to a friend and they had never heard this solution before, so hopefully it will be useful to a few of you.

Put a piece of bread in the top of your bag or container and the brown sugar will not solidify. Use can also use a marshmallow or two. Just throw either of those items into your bag of brown sugar and voila, soft as can be.
The bread absorbs any moisture keeping it baking day perfect. I replace the piece of bread as needed, but I never worry anymore that I will open up the bag to a  solid chunk of brown sugar.
If your sugar is already hard and you need to use it immediately (i.e. chocolate chip cookies), put a chunk of brown sugar in a container along with a separate small bowl of water and microwave for one minute.
Check and repeat until soft.
I’ve also heard that you can keep a few marshmallows in the container and that sounds like the same idea as bread, so I’ll definitely try that as well.
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