hi there – I just needed to warn you about the dust that’s going around Beauty and Bedlam.

Sweet, Sweet Domestic Chicky is helping me spruce up around here for the guests that are coming over on Wednesday, and we’re reworking many aspects. Keep coming back, it’s only going to get better thanks to her.

Many of you have asked, and I thought you might like to see the Promo that is being shown for the next four days on Fox.
I had a little heart attack when I was told that.
WHAT? They are actually advertising this segment…..ahhhh!
And aren’t you thrilled that this screen shot captures my best side?

I will just say now that the power of editing is unbelievable. I am a bit nervous.
My secret is out….find out what it is….the very last line of the promo.
And here, I was just having an “off the air” discussion with the reporter on what I started off doing in college. 🙂

And it really is Ok if you laugh at me and not with me…my hubby did, and he loves me anyhow.

Edited to add: This is where the full segment is shown.
Click Here to get to the link.