These won Good Housekeeping's award and they are AMAZING!! Fudge Brownies with Praline Icing!

Last year, I had the opportunity to tour the Good Housekeeping headquarters. My favorite part of that day was spending time in their test kitchen, and the chance to ask questions of their full time bakers & cooks.

Not only did I ask away, but I came home with their “secret” Homemade Brownie Recipe.

Yes, sheer Fudgy Brownie goodness that I immediately took to task in my own kitchen.

We got a bit side tracked in our task. You can read about our brownie – cabinet chaos for a good chuckle, but eventually, it became a  wonderful “Cooking with Kids” adventure.

In my opinion, the key to the moist, fudgy brownie texture, is DO NOT over bake. Watch that timer like a hawk and personally, I always take them out a bit early, since I love the gooey side of homemade brownies.

Good Housekeeping's Secret Award Winning Fudgy Brownies

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