When Calgon fails you, have you ever tried this?
(Just make sure it’s in your closet, away from anyone of the human species –
just you and the Lord…He’ll understand. 🙂

Since it’s been one of those days for me, please share the floor during this week’s Tasty Tuesday. I would LOVE if you could impart some wisdom for those that are searching to make their house a home?

So much of what I have learned in my role as a “Domestic Engineer” has come from wise women who have come before me. Surrounding myself with women who encourage me in this role has been a lifeline.
I still have many areas with which I am struggling, but I seek out and learn from those more skilled, and then share my strengths with what I know. I love to see that it truly is the “little things that are the big things” in making our house a home.
So please tell us one of your best “domestic diva” tips in the comments, and let’s learn from each other.
How fun it will be to have a whole section of comments with tried and true nuggets.

So what have you been cooking up for Tasty Tuesday?
Please link to your exact recipe URL and also link back to