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For the last year, I have vacillated on writing about my weight loss journey throughout the years, but something always stops me.

Bottom line, women and weight issues hold a lot of emotional baggage, and there are NO easy answers – no quick fixes, no “over night” success stories, nope,  just a lot of plain, hard discipline. Discipline that I don’t have a lot of right now.

Something happened to me during the winter months where my love of french fries pushed away all things having to do with healthy eating and exercise.

As I think through writing this post, I thought it would be interesting to hear how you balance healthy eating, watching your weight and cooking for the family.

Do you cook differently for your family than you do for yourself as you try and drop those pounds?

I have two children who have my metabolism. They smell a chocolate cookie and gain a pound, while the others are literally trying to put on weight by drinking high calorie protein drinks…it’s SO.NOT.FAIR! It still amazes me how our metabolisms can all be wound up so differently.

I want to stress making healthy eating choices, but it is definitely a challenge.

I look forward to summer and all the fresh garden veggies. One thing I’ve instilled in our children is a love for fresh vegetables. Seeing those veggies go from seed to salad is so enriching, and I find it easier to cook healthy during the summer months since I do eat what I cook for them.

So what about you? Is balancing weight loss, eating and cooking an issue?

Do you eat differently than your family or does the lure of the beloved carbo load call to you as well? 🙂