Where are the months flying, my friends? I know I’ve given lip service to this before, but I WILL get back to posting here more regularly. There are so many things on my heart, not to mention fun things to share.

For those that follow my on Instagram (where I hang out most of the time), you saw that I had the opportunity to be a guest on the daytime talk show, Hallmark’s Home and Family. Not only was it a bit surreal, but the behind the scenes of the process was SO fascinating.  The whole staff was extremely encouraging and I got invited back right away, so I took that as a complement.

Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison were so welcoming. Any Hallmark movie lovers? Yep, Cameron was nicer in real life.

Many of you missed my quick little spot and wanted to watch it, so I’ve uploaded it at the end for you to watch it. I’m going to share the behind the scenes videos on the next post because that is seriously where all the real fun happens. I stayed the whole day because I wanted to soak it all in. I started college as a Mass Comm: Radio and TV major. I wanted to be an anchorwoman before my heart turned to full time ministry, so you could say, I was living my best college life for this day. 🙂

Look who was also a guest on the same program?

 TV host Mario Lopez, his wife Courtney, and their children. That was a fun surprise because who doesn’t love Mario, but I also have so many opinions about what I observed that can only be shared in real life. 🙂

It was during their Fall Festival days so the decor was ALL about the fall coloring. Wait until you see the rest of my pictures and videos. I”ll upload them as soon as possible. I loved it so much, but it doesn’t not say Minimalist at all. haha

So here’s my clip. Back story is that we had enough material for a full show and the producer mentioned about 7-8 minutes. Since I was the last guest and it is filmed lived (even though it airs the following day), they don’t edit at all. As the cameras were getting ready to roll, she said “We have 5 minutes.” I knew all the questions they had for me and thought that there is no way we can even address ONE of those topics well because the first question alone was on budgeting and then they wanted full fall fun on a budget hospitality tips. Yikes!

So here is my fast talking, on the spot, go with the flow, it is what it is, Hallmark spot. 🙂