Recently, many of my friends have been talking about saving money on events, restaurants and family fun nights through Groupon. I had never heard of it, and since it’s a relatively new site with deals that weren’t  being offered in my local home town, I didn’t give it much thought.
Well, it is now, it’s been proven amazing by my friends, so I’m passing the word.
Every day you receive an email with a daily deal that is good for up to 90% off of local attractions. During my weekend away, one of my roomates shared how all the activities on their recent family trip were through their Groupon deals. So even if it hasn’t come to your area, you may sign up for another city that you are visiting. She said her family is practically living off of groupon?
Even though these are not complete freebies, what a wonderful way to enjoy quality entertainment without breaking the bank.
Sign up for Groupon deals here. Scroll the list to see what area cities are being offered, and then share Groupon with your friends.
(Edited to add: I recently found out you do NOT have to just buy within your city’s deals. Many deals are offered via the internet nationwide, and I had been missing out on MANY wonderful sales. I wrote about my enlightenment here.
Have any of you started using Groupon yet? What deals have you used?