For those of you who never have had the opportunity to double or triple your coupons, I want you to check with your nearest realtor and move on over to NC.
The housing market is great. We have the mountains, beach AND TRIPLE COUPONS!!

I have spent all week long giving friends and acquaintances mini tutorials about the benefits of this week. Can you believe some of my friends in real life still haven’t bought into my fever? From now on, I am sending them to this post. I even went so far as to give a few of my sweet friend a few coupons today, so they could get some free stuff. 🙂
I apologize my pictures aren’t better for viewing. I regret that I didn’t take more time so you can really see all that I bought, but I went shopping with my four youngest kids AFTER church and we got in the door at 10:00pm. Photos were not my priority.

I printed and saved multiple cereal coupons from my side bar last month, knowing that this week would come around. I am so glad I saved them. (
Print them now as they are going fast. There are more diaper coupons, toothpaste, cereal, Barillas pasta which I used today and got for free. If you have a problem with instillation, try switching from Internet Explorer to FireFox. That worked for me).
I also stockpiled a number of great cleaning coupons, so that I could get cleaning wipes for $0.50.

I can’t believe that those Veggie Crisps (see…not everything is junk with coupons) is blocking the view of the TWELVE – 12 – boxes of cereal that I received for ONE QUARTER EACH!!
They were on sale for $2.50 and I had a variety of $0.75 coupons, which then tripled in value taking $2.25 off each box.
It was so exciting that I was giving boxes to friends. My son then brought the neighbor cousins into our pantry and counted them out loud to his captive audience. 🙂
I couldn’t even fit all of my groceries on the island. I still have three full bags sitting on the floor, along with multiple 1/2 gallons of Breyer’s ice cream (the double churned half fat is my favorite) that I got for around $0.50.
There were so many items for free, including all that sour cream, salsa, foil, mustard, rice mixes, sugar, Not to mention that every item I purchased ended up being between $0.25 and $1.00.
Then my amazing shopping expedition ended with the meat manager finding me in the aisle with this in his hands (remember, I always advise you to get to know your grocery people – they are your friends, and look out for you). I asked what it was – hoping it was another great roast like last time…..
Lamb chops…what? Lamb chops – I have never had them.
He then sauntered over, showed me the price ($37.03) and said he’d give them to me for under $5 (see that $4.44 final price).
Sold! I’ll try anything for that kind of deal, plus my husband loves a variety of things and I knew he would be excited.

For those of you who do not ever see meat marked down, just ask the meat manager what they do with their short dated products and ask if they’d be willing to give you a discount. That is how it started for me ten years ago, and now it’s a given. They can only say “no,” but then try another store til you get a “yes.” I’ve done the same with dairy and produce. It never hurts to ask.

So, you’re probably wondering the total. Considering that $20 of this purchase was lamb, full price English muffins, mangos, and four bags of pretzels without coupons, the total….
$56.00……….YES, $56.00.
And there are still FIVE days left for Triple Coupons. Should I do a give away at the end of the week to see who can guess how many boxes of cereal I will end up with? 🙂

Come on over, my friends…the South is calling you, and there’s some land right across the street from us that is for sale. 🙂 And it isn’t even Swamp Land….remember the precious creek? Yes, that’s it.