This most requested potluck side dish - Green Bean Casserole

Did you grow up attending church potluck or gatherings where they ask you to bring a covered dish? Yes, I am one of those that routinely organizes those and I know everyone racks their brain wondering what to make? Well, this is not your ordinary Green Bean Casserole with the canned soup that shows up at the buffet line. (Although I need to add that one over at 10 Minute Dinners.)

This takes the Good Ole Fashioned Green Bean Casserole to a new level (or maybe back to how our great grandmas used to make it with all whole ingredients.) I will add that I’m thoroughly convinced that French Fried Onions are just one of life’s wonderful, little pleasures. 

I’ve added very detailed directions, but trust me, it’s a simple recipe.

Have you tried the Cheddar Cheese ones? Oh my!! They are unbelievable and would be great in this recipe as well.

I had planned on having this recipe up before Thanksgiving and taking multiple pictures, but who says we need to hold out for gatherings?

This is perfect for any dinner and you don’t need more pictures to believe me. 🙂