I can NOT believe it’s the end of the month and with that comes deadlines, new “to-do” lists, the start of my 31 Days of Balancing Beauty and the Budget series, as well as printing off coupons that will not be available tomorrow.

I love getting coupons in the mail and one great way to receive new, higher value coupons is by answering a few questions every once in awhile. Do you have opinions you want to share? Would you like to see different types of products in the marketplace? Do you enjoy doing surveys? Do you like the chance to win prizes or get rewards?
Becoming a member of Shopper’s Voice® is easy and membership is free.
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Christmas is right around the corner, and I am enjoying starting early by cashing in some of my Swagbucks. For those of you who have signed up, reignite with swagbucks and earn some great freebies by Christmas.
Today is Mega Swagbucks Friday!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Swagbucks, SIGN UP NOW. I have a few posts written about using this simple search engine instead of others. While you browse, you receive “free bucks” to be used for free items.
Only 450 Swagbucks awards you a $5 Amazon card, so that is manageable even if you just search a few times a day.
For any new signups, Swagbucks is giving you $100 in Swagbucks just for signing up. Use the code BIGTIMEBUCKS when you register and you’ll have 100 swagbucks put into your account.
For everyone already registered, watch this Monday, Oct. 3 because Swagbucks is having a “code extravaganza”.  They are going to release 60 Swagbucksthroughout the day for a fun freebie day.
Sign up here with Swagbucks, and start earning.

Many of the coupons will change tomorrow, so take advantage of these that say this is the last day to print. Hoping they re-set some great coupons tomorrow. Make sure you keep your eyes open.

Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code