Good, better, best, never let it rest.

Until your good is better,

and your better – best!

I had a scoop of hot fudge for breakfast this morning. It was the best!
You want to know why?
Because I could….
because I have EIGHT jars of Smucker’s Special Recipe Hot Fudge and Triple Berry Ice Cream Toppings in my pantry.
Why do I have 8 jars, you ask?
Because I happened to be observant at the grocery store last month when they were on sale for Buy One, Get One Free….
and if that wasn’t a good enough deal, I noticed a “peelie” right there on the jar.
(Remember the definition?)
You got it right; not a single coupon was cut, or brought with me in my coupon binder.
There was a peelie coupon that told me I could get another instant .50 off, and then my beloved store went and doubled that peelie coupon for me. Hmmm… I decided that I would just use one for my free hot fudge as well, and they doubled that too.
Yes, you can use one coupon for each item purchased – even if it is free.

Well, since I was on such a roll, and not wanting to be a total glutton, I gathered all the treats that my little arms could carry, but saved a few for the few employees that gathered around me at the cash register to see my steals – I mean deals.
Yes, you are picturing this scenario correctly. I believe in sharing the love, and I was totally feeling it.
So….here I am….a middle aged mom of five (did I just admit that…I don’t feel middle aged), calling over all the college age students working the register to check out my hot fudge deals. I even coached the dairy guy on how he could win his girlfriend’s undying love if he would go buy one of these delicious delicacies, tie a big fat ribbon around it, and declare, “not even this is as sweet as you.”
(I did share that he should keep how much he spent a secret…let her think it was a splurge).

I then told them exactly what they needed to do, and that they too could indulge in hot fudge over breakfast for only .50 a jar if they followed this simple tip…

Just be observant when you are shopping, and enjoy the hunt!

Because when you find that big score…
it’s the best, and you better share the great news with me. 🙂

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