Previewing  Harris Teeter and Safeway (and affiliates)  fliers, I see that General Mill is offering some great deals when coupled with coupons.
Harris Teeter has a “Buy 15 participating GM products, save $5 instantly” deal (must purchase in same transaction). While 15 items seems like a lot of products, all of these items are on sale , with the majority having coupons (both online here, and in the newspaper.)
There are too many items to mention from Old El Paso, Yoplait yogurt, frozen veggies and snacks in between. Follow along with the Harris Teeter flier and begin your mini math lesson.
Here’s a possible scenario for the 15 items.
Yoplait Yoplus $2 x 2 = $4 – $1/2 = $2
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.25 x 3 = $3.75 – $0.40/1 = $1.35
Cheerios 2 for $5. Use – $0.75/1  which doubles to $1.50…$2/2 boxes
Toaster strudel $2 x 2 = $4 – $1/1 = $2
Pillsbury  grands $0.95 x 6 = $5.70  Use $0.75 coupon/2 = $1.20
15 items for $8.35 – $5 instant = $3.35 for 15 items.
But it even gets better if you want to do some more math….ugh, I know, it hurts my head as well.
Part of the GM deal at Harris Teeter includes these sales which offer Catalina coupons at checkout (“free money” to spend on next order). So now figure out how you can incorporate these as part of your 15 and it makes it an even sweeter shopping trip.  The offers below are at many stores nationwide.
Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars through 1/26/2010 (dates may vary):

Buy 3 Get $1.50 on your next order
Buy 4 Get $2.50 on your next order
Buy 5 or More & Get $3.50 on your next order
Print Free Coupon for them here.
Buy Betty Crocker Fruit Rollups through 1/26/2010  and it can be a “money maker.”
Harris Teeter has Betty Crocker Fruit Rollups, snacks and gushers on sale 2 for 4.  Safeway (and affiliates) have Fruit By The Foot on sale for $1 each when you buy 4. Plus, you’ll get a $2.50 catalina when you buy 4, $3.50 back when you buy 5(at HT). Here’s how to get these free, plus turn them into a small money-maker. Spend $2 out of pocket, get $2.50 catalina back – Print  2 – $0.50/coupons from my side bar, or here.
The key is to roll this Catalina.  Go another day, buy four more boxes for $2, pay with the $2.50 catalina, and you’ll receive another $2.50 Catalina. Does that make sense or it it clear as mud for you non-couponers?
So have fun and make sure you share your scenarios or shopping trips with us as you score some wonderful deals this week.
**I’m extra excited because we received four “free cereal” coupons from General Mills/MyBlogSpark to try. I just love their products and you can’t imagine how many Cheerios I have in my cabinet already. The kids will be thrilled with something new.