(edited to include: Since I already have this post up,
I am adding it to Show and Tell Friday…fun, fun)

Earlier this month, one of my favorite new blogging friends,Shannon at Bless Our Nest, passed on this sweet award. She considered my blog a “must see,” and that touched my heart because if anyone’s site is a “must see” – it’s hers. Thanks so much, Shannon.
This was also a perfect opportunity to thank her (or maybe scold her) because she got me started on a great new hunt………..
for these……..precious luncheon sets.
And wow, have I been enjoying the start of a new collection.
Now Shannon gives credit where credit is due, and she found about the luncheon plates from Stacey at The Blessed Nest,
another one of my daily reads.
I had lots of sweet things to say about Stacey, but do you hear me screaming,”NO,” all the way from NC?
30 minutes of my work on this post just got deleted, and I having to re-do it!!!
UGH! BLOGGER!! Ok, deep breath…I am much better, thank you.
Just forget any eloquent sentence structure…it’s out the window.
I think the gist of my intent was to express that Stacey has a heart for hospitality and home making that matches my own.
Being such a ‘professional’ thrifter/yard saler, it has been a blast to be on the hunt for something new….and am I ever hunting.
I think of all the sets that I have probably passed over in my many years, but ALAS, a new day has dawned, and wait till you see what I have found in such a short time.

Here are Stacey’s….they work great for milk & cookies!

She uses them for LOTS of parties and get-togethers.
They are perfect to hold on your lap.
Below she used the plates only (under the fan) for the goodies at her daughter’s birthday tea party!

Here’s a close up of one of the sets that she found. It looks like 2 flowers stuck together, and she got them for just .75 each…..20 sets.
I was trying so hard to be happy for her….in a righteously covetous kind of way. 🙂
So now that you see my inspiration, here are my “damages.”
I haven’t really mentioned or done a post yet about my tea collection, but I do have an extensive collection of tea cups, saucers and teapots….lace tablecloths, candle holders…all the goodies to put together for a magical time together.

The only problem….I don’t like tea.
I have tried, really….I even went to school in England, but coffee is my queen, and she looks beautiful in these cups, as well.
The reason I bring up that fact is that deep, deep down, I adore unique dishes. I had already purchased these luncheon sets ….plates and saucers, but in a Christmas style.

Yes, it’s so fun to have a new “eye candy” camera, but I don’t know how to use it yet. I took these at midnight when my hubby was already asleep.
Beth, my camera friend with beaut-e-ous pictures, I need you. 🙂
My 13 year old is sitting here explaining to me what I did wrong last night, and why this particular pictures is blurry… I refuse to retake it, ladies…sorry.
But just think….you will all be able to watch my evolution as a photographer….just you wait.
I am a woman who loves to learn and a fire has been lit.

I found six each of the next two sets….they will be fabulous for fall.
All of them were under .75-$1.50.
I found another six of these for $1.
So often we are tempted to wait for a momentous occasion
to pull out our finery.
My most prized processions are found right here under my own roof in the form of five lively little hoodlums, so why “wait” for the right time? These plates proudly proclaim that they have served soda and Doritoes, milk and Pillsbury toaster strudels, juice and stale toast, and just this morning…..hmmmm…..I’ll savor it in silence.
In a few minutes, a mundane moment can become monumental….give it a try.
Doritos by candlelight? It’s the best.
Bedlam moment? It’s 1 am….what am I thinking?
Don’t play Russian roulette with caffeine late at night.

And the winner of the
HOMEMADE GOURMET 4 meals in 4 minutes
give away is……..