Creating fun care packages

One of the long standing jokes in our family is of my mother’s first college care package to my older brother. You need to remember, this is long before constant communication through cell phone and social media, so a care package from home was pure gold.

The package came and all the guys on his dorm floor came running to get in on the goodies before others inhaled them first. He opened up the box, passed the cookies around and quickly, a three decade long care package story was solidified.

You see, my mom had recently converted to a 100% all natural eating lifestyle, meaning we were being raised on “sticks and twigs” before it was a trend and carob oat, wheat cookies didn’t quite match up with the “pure gold” anticipation those college guys deemed necessary. We still get a great chuckle out of it. My mom still eats sticks and twigs and looks better than women half her age, so it’s done well by her. ūüôā

Create healthy care packages for your college student


Now I’m sure her care packages would be tweaked a bit, but regardless, they spoke of love and comforts from home.¬†With two sons going to colleges in different states, care packages are something that I need to be better about sending. Homesickness sets in, even for the most well adjusted kids, and¬†with so many changes, special thoughts from home make a huge difference.

My husband still commiserates about the first time he went to the college store to buy all the necessities like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and razors. His parents always provided those on demand and when he went to check out, he was shocked. He immediately called his parents to thank them. It’s amazing how a few new eye opening¬†experiences teach us so much about life and gratitude. ūüėČ

I decided to create a care package for all the things you need, but HATE spending your own money on at school.

Don’t we all feel like that about those “necessities?”

Everything You Need but Don't Want to Buy Care Package

If you haven’t read my last “sending my boys off to college” post, don’t miss it. It’s a reminder to not sweat the small stuff ¬†(one more day to enter the college tuition giveaway)¬†and I shared my son’s lack of shaving/cutting his hair story.

Fortunately,¬†Schick¬ģ Disposable Razors saved the day, as they have for my three sons (and my hubby) for years now.
There aren’t many things we are brand specific on, but¬†for their shave, they are.

The Everything You Don't want to have to buy at college Care package

I know they will be thrilled to receive all the necessities, because it really is the College Survival Kit, mixed with a few homemade chocolate chip cookies, of course.

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are some other fun care package ideas to bring the comforts of home right to your loved ones.
Fabulous Care PAckage ideas

“What They Really Want”¬†care package

My long time blogging bud, Jessica from Life as Mom, has the best kind of care package idea of all. Let’s cut right to the chase and give the gift they want the most – cold, hard cash. Jessica shows you some really creative ways to make this, so check it out.

Another adorable way to do this is by sending money balloons. Now, of course, with both of these care packages, you risk sending money through the mail, so use your own discretion, but I love this!!

Money Balloons - such a cute idea

She Crafty shares how she did this here, but I also like the idea of lining the top of your care package with a few balloons just to add a festive touch, especially perfect for birthdays like Katherine shows us.

Great care package ideas that will make your loved one's day

Birthday Fun

Great ideas for a finals week care package

Finals Week

Most colleges now send you a flyer and if you pay the $xyz amount, they’ll send the care package for you during finals week. It’s quite¬†pricey, especially considering the actual cost, but it gets done! (Bowing head in shame.)

I always plan on sending one, but instead, I have surprised them by calling the local pizza place and having some delivered for their buds on the last night of exams.  The Energy Jars idea is great. You can print the cute labels for an energy, refreshment or pampering jar here.

Great movie night care package

 Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night? You will be the hero mom of all the kids on your son or daughter’s floor with this one and a perfect way to break up some high stress weeks.

So why don’t you think of someone special you can create a care package for this month? It doesn’t have to be a college student. Maybe there’s someone you know that would whose day you would make by sending a little bit of love in the mail.

I just love these super fun and creative care package ideas. Make someone's day

Do you have a favorite care package memory? What would you like to get in the mail?

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