Let’s just stop and ponder this photo for a minute.

I completely understand that it may not be the best quality photo you’ve ever laid your eyes on since it’s from my i-phone, but the subject matter deserves an award. Yes, it certainly does. What should we give it?

This deliciously, simple fruit pizza with a cookie dough crust is one of my favorites. I mean, how can anything be wrong when you mix sugar cookie dough, your favorite fresh fruits and a sugary cream cheese together?

Nothing!! Nada. It’s just sheer goodness.

I first fell in love with this years ago, right around the time I started making my Veggie Pizza Appetizer, although both were served on a crescent dough base instead. That is delicious option as well,  but if we are going to indulge, I’m definitely using cookie dough as my “crust.”

There are so many variations you can do with this. Recipes that you can tweak and re-tweak are my favorites because you can keep your repeated guests always guessing what’s next. 🙂

When I was short on cream cheese, I used the cream cheese I had left and mixed it wit some pudding. I’ve done the same with whip cream. Just experiment and determine your family’s favorite. That is typically how I come up with a lot of my simple party food recipes.

For patriotic holidays, I always use a mixture of red, white and blue fruits for my desserts, which is exactly what Kraft was thinking as well. It’s a perfect option for adding some festive color without the extra work. Note that the fruit pizza above used a regular crust. Trust me on this –  use cookie dough or croissant dough in a pinch.

As you can see, any kind of fruits may be used. Typically, my fruit pizzas are topped with what ever fresh fruits are in season and if it’s the middle of winter, like the one below, even canned mandarin oranges and pineapple will work.

This was served to a very large group, so a jelly roll pan was used. Double recipe.

Below is pure perfection!!

At the height of summer, all these fruits are in abundance and then I pile on as much fruit as I can fit on the crust.

If you haven’t tried this Fabulous Fruit Pizza, make sure it happens soon.

Before  your next gathering, make sure you add “Build Your Own Pizza Bar” to your must read lists. It’s such a fun way to entertain and then you can serve the this fruit pizza for dessert. It’s a crowd pleaser all around.