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Considering I have beloved family members who appreciate Frugal Fashionista finds as much I as do, it would not come as a shock to you that our recent wedding gathering sported total yard sale finds, GoodWill, Consignment and hand me down attire from my four nieces, mom and sis in love.

Remembering and detailing my own frugal wedding will be a post in its own.

My GoodWill dress was another brand new find at our local “rich people’s” Goodwill. And yes, I am covering up the size, not the price. 🙂 It was $79.99, but marked down $49.99.
My price…$5 (then take off my 10% Preferred Shopper Discount…$4.50).

My mom’s dress wasn’t second hand, but she has spent a lot of time in China as a short term missionary and while she was there, she had this vintage suit made for her at a definite yard sale price. It’s still classy after many years which is an important reason to invest time finding a few quality core wardrobe pieces that will last for years.

My sister-in-love dresses to that point. These black pants are six years old, and she bought them at our “Rich People’s” Consignment Store in town. Paying a bit more for items at Consignment Boutiques is a given, but are always guaranteed (like-new) high quality designer brands that are no more than 1-2 years old.

These pants are versatile, classy and can be dressed up or down. The rest of her outfit is also all second hand, but accessorized with some perfect jewelry, this outfit is complete.

Considering I didn’t take these pictures with a post in mind (what was I thinking), I would have brought the young men forward, tucked in their shirts and featured them a bit better. My three sons with the pink, black and burgundy shirts are all dressed for success in outfits totaling $6. Since my teens are growing so quickly, the thought of buying their pants anywhere but second hand never crosses my mind.
Scoring like new Banana Republic grey pants for $3.75 at GW, $1 Lands End Khakis at a yard sale, and the burgundy Banana Republic shirt all just made my day.

My daughters, learning the art of being Frugal Fashionistas, at their finest,