I don’t know how many long time American Idol fans read this blog, but I do know many of you have heard of the amazing recording artist, Mandisa. She was one of the top finalists during season five. Her heart for the Lord, and sweet spirit permeated even Simon’s soul.

This weekend, she is at our church for Angela Thomas’s Beautiful Life conference, and of course, doing a concert. I was asked to be her “hostess” for the weekend, which basically means helping out in any way possible to make her weekend comfortable. Don’t worry, she’s not actually staying at our home. I don’t know if I would ever put her up for that kind of bedlam.

I have a few minutes  sitting in our church lobby, and knowing I have nothing profound to post, but something a bit fun. Since I haven’t done a Frugal Fashionista post for a few weeks, I thought I would let you glimpse my $10 outfit.

Yes, even for something special, I don’t veer from my frugal fashion calling. I call it my Teeny Tiny Rocker outfit because I am going to a concert, and the shirt is just a “bit” rocker-ish, isn’t it? 😉

Yes, the whole things was under $10.

Last time, I wore this shirt belted and really like that option, but I was rushing out the door to get here on time, and forgot to grab it. Yes, I even had to bring my make up with me and do it in the car.

This must be the life of a star. Hurry. Wait. Hurry. Wait.  🙂

I hope you have a fabulous Friday. I’ll let you know all about the wonderful concert.