As I get ready for a jam packed weekend, I just had to share one of the best examples of a DIY Frugal Fashionista at her finest.
A new reader, Charlie, sent me this and my mouth dropped WIDE OPEN!
Talk about thinking outside the box.

“Hey, I am sending you 3 pictures of my very favorite shoe. I have to tell you that I found these babies for 99 cents at “Cato Fashions” on clearance, and the bottom of them was a plain brown wedge heel. BORING!!! So, I took some scrapbooking paper that I was saving for a special occasion, Mod Podge, and an hour to create the most fabulous shoe a girl could ever have!”
Can you believe that? Charlie used Mod Podge!! She ROCKS!! How fun are these? Now, I’m trying to figure out what shoes I can spray paint. 🙂 Isn’t this DIY amazing?
Now before you tell her how awesome this is, she wanted to make sure new visitors didn’t come thinking they were getting a cutsie decorating blog. 🙂 It’s called Operation Shrink Charlie’s Butt and she just tells it likes it is. She doesn’t mix words and is one crazy, fun, loving woman on a mission to lose weight and bring others along with her for the ride.
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