Life has gotten in the way of my Frugal Fashionista series and many of you have emailed wondering where it’s been on Fridays.
Well, have no fear, my Frugal designer outfits (for less than $15) happen on a daily basis, but quite often “bedlam” moments get in the way of making those “photo shoots” come to fruition.
need a dog whisperer_opt
YES, I seriously NEED A DOG WHISPERER!  But our lab does seem to like my little dance. 🙂
dog1_optwhat not to wear_opt
This month, schedules have gotten in the way of best laid blog plans, so this week is about keeping it real here at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.
Now onto this outfit. It has its problems. Even though its potential for Frugal Fashionista greatness is within reach, I would never put these elements together again. I love the brown and turquoise mix;  it’s a beautiful color blend. Yet the scarf/jacket combo is a bit too bulky for the more spring skirt/sandal look. If I had tied the scarf differently or swapped accessories,  it would have been much better, but I was making choices at 6:30 in the morn and had to rush out the door. (Clearly, I am not a morning person.)  This fully lined designer skirt was a steal for $4, but the hemline hits at the exact spot you do NOT want it too. It needs to fall an inch higher or lower, but more on that during a later post.
And let’s not even address the hair issues. Doesn’t it feel great to know we all have bad hair days? When I took these pictures, I had no plans of posting ANY of them, but life is not the photo shopped, airbrushed pictures that we so often see. I want everyone to remember that.
Honestly,  I want my site here to read like one of those professional looking, magazine style blogs, but then I go back to why I initially started it –  To encourage women of all life stages to not just balance, but embrace, both the beauty and bedlam in their life (while doing that on a budget.)
So here’s to balancing bedlam, bad hair days and weight gain. We’re all in this together. 🙂
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