(Anne Klein leather handbag – $1 this past weekend at a yard sale)

Irony rears it’s funny head since I am about to admit that I have never been much of a handbag kind of girl, yet I just purchased five at my “fashion haul” yard sale. For years, I’ve been very content to carry one purse for an extended period of time, and even though I have a variety of handbags, the thought of taking time to switch out the amount of items from the deep depths of my purse’s abyss has seemed a bit overwhelming.
That is not the reality with our youngest daughter.
She has a purse for everything. A purse for church. A purse for friend time. A purse for soccer practice.ย  A purse for just nail polish. A purse for justย  lip gloss. You get the drill.
And considering that she has a few dollars to spend how she wants, and chooses to budget it on handbags at yard sales, I leave that decision up to her (with a small amount of encouragement to expand the boundaries of her “savings.”)

Well, I think she may have just brought me to the wild side.
With one amazing yard sale, I went from owning not even one white purse to owning two, and then I had to make a decision on which one to swap out. (Reading that sentence, I realize just how superficial that could sound, but you know, sometimes I think the Lord gives us a fun little find like that for only $2 just to show us He delights in even the little things of our life such as our “wants and not just our needs”.)
So since my daughter already had piled quite a few things in the first white purse, I was more than happy to have her make my decision for me. This purse is an awesome accessory in and of itself.
Remember that, ladies. Hand bags are accessories. They can pull an outfit together just like jewelery.ย  Look how cute that purse looks with my white pants ($0.50 yesterday) and purple shrug ($2 thrift store).

And of course, for a total of $7 for ALL FIVE HANDBAGS, my daughter could not pass up these other ones. (Believe it or not, we left quite a few, s don’t worry, you wouldn’t have had to wrestle me for them. Well, maybe just a bit, but that is just how many they were getting rid of at this one sale.)
And if you are wondering about designer brands, does Anne Klein, Nine West or Big Buddha brands ring a bell? Yes, all leather, all designer. The green Big Buddha purse below was only $0.50 (broken zipper), but honestly, half the time I never zipper my bags all the way anyhow and as long as it zipped enough to hold the top together, I am good.

So this was just the hand bag fashion haul part of this yard sale.
I haven’t even gotten to the clothes aspect yet, although my middle school daughter really hit the jackpot since one of the ladies was very petite.
I do believe another video fashion haul is in order, since it’s too time consuming to take and up load that many pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰
My yard sale hints for finding those rare yard sales like this?
When you do find sales that have clothes in your style or size, ask these crucial questions – do you hold yard sales every year? Is it always around the same time of the year? Will you always hold it at this location or do you vary whose house it’s at?
I know that might seem odd, but that small hint has allowed me to freshen and update my wardrobe for the last many years. For about five years, I purchased my sons their wardrobe from one family that had a son about 1-2 years ahead of our oldest. They had amazing taste and the designer brands that I look for. One year she mentioned that they were moving, and I made the HUGE mistake of not asking her to which subdivision. Had I just asked that one small question, I could have continued to hit the jack pot each year, but since I didn’t, I had no idea in the city where they were.
It pays to just ask politely, showing great appreciation for the blessing of finding such great treasures from them.
And P.S.
Friends in Real Life: If you still see me carrying this white handbag at the end of September, remind me to swap it out to another color, please. ๐Ÿ™‚