It’s time for another installment of Frugal Fashionista, but this time it’s courtesy of you. So many of you who enjoy the Frugal Fashionista series do not have blogs, but have wanted to participate, so I just love sharing some of the thrifty second hand treasures you have found.
Our first guest, Nancy, writes,
“I don’t have a blog so I’m sending you some pics for your Friday Fashion Show. I buy my clothes almost exclusively at thrift stores. You’d have a hard time finding anything in my wardrobe that was purchased new.
I find that I’m usually happier with the fit when I buy “previously owned” clothing. (Isn’t that how they make used cars sound more appealing these days– previously owned?) because they’ve already been washed and I’m able to gauge their true size. Often new clothes that fit great in the dressing room don’t always fit so great once you get them home — washing them can reduce the size, and wearing them for the first time (especially jeans and cords) can increase the size. The clothes at the thrift store have already “been there, done that.”

-jeans, brown cami,cream sweater, brown jacket

Jen adds, “The layering Nancy does with this above outfit if fabulous. The belt ties this outfit together so well, and adds such a great sense of polished style.”

Everything in the pics has been thrifted with the exception of my pearls. Each outfit was approximately $15-$20. Items at our thrift stores generally run $1.99-$5.99.

-black/lime skirt, lime tank, black sweater, necklace, black boots
-brown/cream dress, brown cardigan, brown boots

The next outfit is from Timmi. I love the story behind this dress so much due to Timmi’s resourcefulness. Well, and the fact that I want the weather right now to be able to wear this adorable dress. Here’s what she has to say,
“This is one of my favorite outfits. I rescued the dress from the discard pile while helping out with a school fundraiser. The dress (turquoise, brown and white floral print) still had its tags on, but the zipper was faulty. Paid nothing for the dress, spent maybe $0.50 on a replacement zipper. (Thanks, Mom for teaching me how to sew!)
The belt came with another dress. I bought the shoes, (good leather, never worn) for $0.50 at the thrift store. The bracelets I would wear with this (not pictured) were made by my youngest as a Brownie project (from wooden beads that were salvaged from a discarded beaded curtain)
I can also throw on my Old Navy Khaki jacket (yard sale – $2) to make the outfit appropriate for church

Cost of outfit:
Dress –  $0.50 (for the replacement zipper)
Belt –  free
shoes –  $0.50
Bracelets –  free
Total cost = $1.00
Timmi – the fact that you could replace the zipper amazes me. That is a gift your mother gave you, for sure.
Thanks so much, ladies, for sharing your Frugal Fashionista outfits today.