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This past weekend I was in Myrtle Beach with ladies from my home school group, and thus the lack of blog time. The beauty of these friends is they know my frugal tendencies. While only a few roll their eyes at my two hour ” couponing and deals conversations,” most of them are right there with me.

In fact, those are my “couponing geek buddies.” Remember them?
While other much cooler moms were laying out on the beach, we were inside, curled up on the couch sipping coffee, cutting coupons, and solving all the world’s problems.
It was a blast!
Then, when “real” vacationers decided to go to the Tanger outlet malls, we scoured the highways and byways for thrift stores, and found them all.
We did complete damage in the total amount of $35… for all six of us (the others were at the outlets). Now, those are the kind of friends you love to hang around.
‘Keeping up with the Jones’ is not a problem for us. They zoomed by years ago, and when they did, true contentment settled in.

I had fun going through the thrift store racks after one of my sweet friends exclaimed she was “done” shopping for her pre-teen girls (without much luck). Guess what? After that, I found five quality core pieces for her.
We scored when I eyed a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for $0.75. We then saw the exact same T-shirt hanging on a mannequin at a retail store for $24.99.
Train your eagle eyes and you will never believe what’s lurking.

Here is one of my brave friends modeling her amazing Frugal Fashionista finds, purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Myrtle. See what you have to be willing to do if you’re my friend?

Cost of this classic dress that will never go out of style? $3!
It is a heavier fabric, so in the winter she can easily add a black dressy jacket, blazer or cardigan for a look that last year round.

Notice the rosette type pin that are so stylish right now. This was worth the price of the entire dress, just for that. We encouraged her to take it off and pair it on something where it will stand out more. It gets lost on this dress, and it’s too cute to not notice.

The down side of this post is that all my other pictures from these thrift store adventures are on my camera (which will not be in my possession until tomorrow). I saw a few comments last week from ladies who said they wanted to link up to the Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show today since they missed last week. I didn’t want any one to be left out, so I’ve added Mr. Linky just in case. I didn’t know if there would be enough interest every week, but if I have enough people who would like to link up, I will. Just let me know in the comments, otherwise, I will just do it 2x/month, and give notice, unlike today. 🙂

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