Welcome to my Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show.

For this week’s Frugal Fashionista, I am giving you a “real life” look at what I wore each day.
As always, every single piece of clothing and accessories have been purchased second hand at yard sales or thrift stores. I purchased ALL of my outfits this week for a total cost of $28 for the entire wardrobe. This definitely “works for me.”
I was at a home school conference Monday through Wednesday, so my choices needed to be a bit more dressy than sweats. 🙂

Monday – I dealt with my love of black dresses last week, and I should have just said that black pieces in general are my “go to” items for times I am in a hurry or indecisive. If I am rushed and have only minutes to get ready, I know that I can grab any variety of black pieces and it creates a classy look.

Total cost: $9.99
Sunglasses – $1 (yard sale)
Shirt – $1 (ys)
Necklace – $1 (ys)
Gab Shorts – $3 (thrift store)
Anne Taylor shoes – $3.99 (thrift store)

When I find shirts with a unique style twist to them, I snatch them up. I should have done a side shot because the fabric is cut longer around the hips and gives a unique look at the waist.

This is where you are thinking I’m trying to be “movie starish” with my sun glasses.
The truth? I had no make up on and didn’t want to go apply some just for a picture. 🙂

A great pair of shoes elevates everything else in an outfit. For years, I didn’t care a bit about shoes, so it’s quite ironic that I now have quite a collection of them.
Five years ago, I rarely wore heels. Now I realize that the right shoe lengthens the leg, narrows the ankle, and slims the foot, or at least give that illusion (and isn’t that what we care about)?
I still put comfort at a premium, so this heel is as high as I will ever go (and that’s two inches higher than last year). 😉 I will address choosing heels when Frugal Fashionista deals with shoes.
Tuesday – I love hues of green, and was thrilled when I found this silk shirt at the Salvation Army in Myrtle Beach (there is a total bedlam moment story with that purchase).

Total cost: $10.50
525 Shirt – $3.00 (thrift store)
9 and Company Capris – $4 (Junior League thrift store)
Hype brand shoes – $1 (yard sale)
Necklace – $0.50 (yard sale)
Earrings – $2

Ten hours earlier, this outfit looked much better…pardon the wrinkles. Again, another shirt with a unique twist. The sleeves are what got me. Look for those unique elements. This shirt was smooshed between a wrack of “trash,” and I think I found a treasure from my hunt.
My day was just made when my youngest son pointed out that my feet looked like they were an 80 year old woman’s. Ah…from the mouths of babes.
Over the course of two months, this entire outfit, with accessories, came together perfectly. Unfortunately, missing from the pictures was a fabulous blue/green bracelet that I wore for the day. This is a great example of the thrill of the hunt. I look for what I love and slowly outfits come together. The fact that I found so many things in the same color palette was just plain fun!

Wednesday – Am I going to say that this is the epitome of fashion?
No, but it’s just fun, cute, and makes people happy when they see the pink. 🙂
My youngest daughter took this picture, and I probably should have checked it first. 🙂 This spandex/nylon mix pink shirt is SO comfy, I could wear it every day. It’s a style that looks great on every body size (even if you can’t see it so well on this pic).

Total cost: $6
Shirt – $1 (yard sale)
Skirt – $1 (yard sale)
Croft and Barrow leather sandals
like new – yard sale $2
Jewelry – $2
Again, another fun, hot pink, casual look.
This dress is one I would wear around the house just because of it’s comfort level.
And no, I would never wear the hat….it’s actually in the Good Will box. 😉
Total Cost: $3
Dress – $2 (yard sale)
Flip flops – $1 (ys)
It completely matches my geraniums!
But shame, shame…this outfit is NOT complete without the necklace (which was left upstairs).
I forgot to get the picture in real time. 🙂

It has some beautiful bead work which makes it dressy enough for church if I throw a pair of nice shoes with it, but most of the time…
I wear it with these casual, flip flops. Now, is that a match or what? I found the sandals first, and then the dress. Yes, you can tell I wear these a lot.
Many people have remarked that their thrift stores are much higher in price than ours seem to be. I am thankful for the selection that we have, but I also don’t buy things unless I feel that I am really getting a great deal, so that’s what you are seeing. We have many thrift stores that mark items higher, but I have found the days when sales are offered or items are marked down, and only shop on those specified days. I can be much pickier at thrift stores because of the jack pots that I tend to hit at yard sales. That is where you will see your greatest values for any kind of items. When people have a lot of clothes to move, they will sell it to get rid of it, and then we can scoop it up and show it here. 🙂 Thanks for letting me show my “scores.”
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