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Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress for less with designer outfits for mere pennies on the dollar. Yes, all outfits  from head to toe are less than $15, and did I mention…second hand?)

Vera Wang

When this Frugal Fashionista arrived in New York City at the tail end of Fashion Week, all eyes were on the array of various styles that graced the run way. Twice a year, designers showcase their collections for journalists, celebrities, buyers and socialites during New York’s Fashion Week. It’s an invite only event, and no, I was not invited, but I had to ponder the huge dichotomy between my frugal fashionista choices and what Fashion Week entails.

What is the lure with fashion? Why such intrigue and emphasis?

According to the University of Michigan, Americans spent $326 billion on clothing and footwear last year. It’s my privilege to say that I did not really contribute much to that number. As much as I love fashion, I’ve realized the difference between keeping up with the Jones by dressing in the latest, greatest and most expensive outfits and just enjoying fashion, even if it’s an outfit that totals $5.

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My casual and comfy outfit above screams some heeled boots or any kind of heels in general, but it was requested that I only wear closed toe flats in the Unilever test kitchen, so that completely limits the fashion sense. 🙂

broadway thrift store dress collageGoing to a Broadway show for the first time should be a monumental event, one that requires hours to choose just the right outfit. Well, not when a classy black $1 yard sale dress is your go to outfit in these situations. You know how I love all of my little black dresses, well, when in NYC do like the New Yorkers…wear black.

This classic little black dress is definitely a “Go to” item in my wardrobe; one of those key wardrobe pieces that everyone needs to own. To think that I got this second hand for a few dollars still makes me giddy. As I browsed the Broadway audience before the show, fashion was fabulous, but it just made me chuckle thinking about what those in attendance would say if I told them that for the price of their soda, I put together my whole outfit, and I would have…had they asked. 🙂 Yes, it’s surely a whole different world.

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t get a head to shot of my outfit, but back in my bathroom, I tried to catch a self photo so you could see the dress up close. The wrap gave it just the edge of sophistication and color that I desired, but I am still on the look out for some long silver rope type necklaces. That would have completed it and I haven’t been able to find any second hand. I gave it my all, but I will be buying some new very soon. In lieu of the perfect necklace, I took two that I already owned and doubled them up to give an extra pop. The silver hoop earrings were from Target for about $2. When you add costume jewelry to a classy outfit, the inexpensive factor just blends right in and I love that.

My whole outfit, with the earrings, rings up at around $10.

Let me walk down that runway at Fashion Week…do you think they’d be open to a new category? 😉

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