There once was a girl, lady, blogger, mom who was known world wide for her frugal fashion prowess.

If you follow her on facebook or instagram, you will not doubt those mad shopping skills since she regularly shares a much bigger peek through those venues. She stopped sharing about it much on her blog because well, her photographers went on strike, resulting in forced iphone/church bathroom photo session humiliation periods.

Have you seen all other fashion bloggers? They have real magazine lay out type pictures and posts.

That’s truly hard to compete with these days.

But even with a bathroom photo shoot, she figured that it may still encourage others who doubt they can dress for less. Yes, she’s determined to bring this series back in full force because who doesn’t want to see this cool yard sale skirt for $1?

To do that, she may need to double the pay of her photographers, and that’s a risk she’s willing to take. (Hmm, will they go for that? 0 x 2 still = 0)

So stay tuned. They will continue.

Since I am committed to bringing you glimpses of balancing beauty and bedlam, there are things that happen which I just can’t make up.

Being such a famous frugal fashion blogger comes with much incredible notoriety. I mean, people from all over the country, maybe even the world,ย  must surely wonder where I purchased my amazing finds, right?

So when a visiting couple sat down next to me at church a month or so back, I greeted them warmly and welcomed them as only a true southern girl would do. (Well, I was born and raised in WI, but NC now, so I’ll claim the stereo type for the sake of the story.) We sat in an informal round table setting and shared about our children, school and all the typical small chat one makes when meeting for the first time.

And then that famous notoriety showed its face.Yes, my stardom was about to be revealed.

I’m sure my new friend was captivated by my designer top, since her eyes kept averting my face and darting downward.ย  Yes, she must have been gazing at the details, the lines, and the patterns. I knewย  that the words I so often hear, “Where did you get that shirt or How much did you pay for it?” were a moment away.

And then it came.

She opened her mouth, pointed to my shirt and questioned, “I think you have a sticker or a price tag on your shirt?”

I looked down and sure enough, my true frugal prowess had been displayed for all to see for the last three hours. I was so proud. I had spoken with at least 50 people that morning and am so grateful that I could brighten people’s morning.

A good chuckle and conversation about finances continued after that. I think my first response was something like, “I was just waiting to see how attentive people are on Sunday mornings,” followed by the truth.

So that, my dear frugal friends, is my moment of incredible fashion fame, put out there for all to see. I will savor the memory.

This outfit would never have made a post since it just isn’t the cutest, but now, it’s a favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this leads me to ask you all a very important question.

Are you the kind of woman who tells another if they have lipstick on their teeth or do you just let them flounder for all to see because you don’t want to embarrass them?

I, for one, will always tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth or if you have a yard sale sticker on your shirt, so you can count on me. ๐Ÿ™‚