Get your Freezer Organized with this simple freezer inventory printable.

Come on, let’s fess up, do you know what lurks in your freezer?

I don’t, but I am bound and determined to change that over the next month as I slowly but surely, eat through my freezer during my January Pantry and Freezer Challenge. Last week we shared a bit about our pantry stockpile and the “When is enough, enough?” stockpiling food question. Your answers, as always, were so interesting. (And yes, I read the requests for a follow up post on my long term food storage. I will address it in more detail.)

Today, I’m sharing a freezer inventory checklist that will help us all get organized with our freezer stockpile. With a chest freezer and a side by side freezer, it’s so easy for me to throw items in the freezer, and completely forget what falls into the deep, dark abyss. Especially in a large stand alone freezer, knowing where food items are located is crucial as well.

Remembering that I have frozen chicken breast in my chest freezer, but having no clue where it’s located, does me no good when I am in a hurry to get dinner going.

After having pulled out ten frozen veggies, two half gallons of milk, a packet of hot dog buns that I searched for three months ago, and my after Easter ham deal purchase, I’m in no mood to joyously make that Crockpot BBQ chicken recipe, no matter how easy it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of my main goals from this freezer challenge is to eat through enough frozen foods to be able to defrost my outside chest freezer. There is so much ice around the rim that it really needs to be defrosted in order for it to perform better, but I have a long way to go before that can happen.

But, I feel great satisfaction from my inside freezer because for the first time in months, I saw…


Oh yes, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.

For years, I had freezer checklist taped outside of my chest freezer (and inside my pantry door for my inside freezer). It really helped me stay organized with what I had available, especially when I flash freezed items and made freezer meals.

Remember, just make it work for you. No system is perfect, and if your children help put away groceries there’s always a margin for error, but it will be better than no system at all.ย  When I add things to the freezer, I will put a number for what shelf it’s on. That way, I will have an area to look to right away. When I use up that item, I will just cross it off.

I’ll be excited to hear how you implement this check list. I can easily make additions to improve on it as you share.

Go ahead and download your Free Freezer Checklist, and let’s get what lurks in our freezer(s) under control.

What is your biggest freezer organizational challenge? Are you like my family? We’re stuffers!

I know many of you have amazing freezer organizational systems already in place. I’d love to hear about your system. Could you share what you do in the comments? (I know my readers would love to know as well.)

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