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When Starbucks first opened, I’ll never forget thinking,  “Who in the world would ever pay $3.50 for a cup of coffee?”
Well, millions of consumers later,  Starbucks has laughed its way to the bank while many personal pocket books have taken a hefty toll from this “addiction.”
Would it surprise you to know that I splurge on Starbucks every single day?  If you’re a faithful reader, you know there has to be a catch. Yes, I brew it myself and save hundreds of dollars.
So when my local Sam’s Club clearanced out Starbuck’s Winter  Blend at the end of the season, I stocked up. With our food budget, this is one of those choices when I don’t mind paying out a bit more up front since I know it will save me an additional thirty dollars in the long run.
I do love going to a real live Starbucks establishment, but it’s a treat and not part of my regular spending habits. So when I find out that they are giving away free coffee this Thursday, April 15th, all I can say is, “WHOO HOO!”
Just bring in your own reusable travel mug this Thursday and receive a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Now that is a GOOD thing!

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