Food presentation…it’s something I know about, something I’ve studied,  something I appreciate, but something that is often on the low end of my meal making priority list.
Seeing these elegant touches reminds me that when I take a few extra minutes a simple snack of grapes not only nourishes the stomach, but delights the senses.
decorate food_opt
Cheese becomes a masterpiece, not just a morsel.
cheese plate_opt
As vegetables begin growing in abundance, I commit to retrieving my garnishing tools and using them. Instead of simply cutting our carrots, I’ll dust off our crinkle cut knife, and show my family that it’s not just company that deserves it.
veggie platter_opt
shrimp appetizer_opt
Sharing meals around the table is one of our family priorities. The conversations exchanged and the spirits encouraged are what makes that time memorable, but it sure doesn’t hurt to create prettier food.  That will just complement the tone which  I want remembered years down the road.
So what about you?
Do you save the “pretty” food for company?
How about browsing through your drawers this week and finding one small way you make a difference at the dinner table. I’ll let you know what I did…
What are you cooking up for Tasty Tuesday? Every week, I find a few new dishes to try and it’s been a blast clicking on all these great image links.
(Today, I’m sharing a giveaway at Kimba’s...go check it out. )

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