Behind the scenes of cooking with incourage

So maybe THEE Food Network didn’t come to my kitchen, but a video crew flew in and set up in my kitchen. Does that count?

A few months ago, some of the (in)courage team came down to our homestead to film our craft day tutorial for the (in)rl conference. (If you haven’t seen that video, check it out. Such fun for a girls day.) Seeing as I am all about being spontaneous, I mentioned, “Well since you are flying in with all that video equipment, should we do a recipe or two?”

One of my goals this year for the blog is to do a lot more videos. With everything from easy meal ideas and tips, to a possible new series I’m thinking about, “On the Porch with Jen,” where I’ll share thoughts about everyday life, parenting and more.  I thought this might be a good way to test the waters.

The crew was delayed a few hours on Friday night and we ended up shooting these late that evening. I’m pretty sure we finished our food video at midnight and I couldn’t even pronounce my name correctly.

Cooking with @incourage. Behind the scenes of cooking video

Since my last post focused on “Let’s Stop Editing Our Lives,” I thought you’d chuckle at these pictures. My counters are never completely clutter free. I know they should be especially when I see how lovely they look in this video, but as you can see, any excess got pushed to the counters behind the camera.

The Behind the scenes mess
The next morning when we shot the craft video, I just hid the non essentials behind the sofa and on the floor. Again, it’s so easy to edit onlife living. The guys just looked through the view finder and told me what to move out of the camera angle.

Quick kitchen tips and tutorial on making simple family meals.

Since we ran so late with the video, we just did one shoot.

Yes, it’s not like the Next Food Network Star where they are given multiple tries and then edit in the best cut.  We could have made this into three separate videos since it’s a bit long, but just pretend you are listening to me at my Becoming Conference.

I pack a lot of information into this one video, so pour yourself a cup of coffee or sweet tea and join me for a few minutes as I share a bit of my life with you, my thoughts on hospitality, as well as show you one of my favorite “go to” recipes;  easy enough for everyday, but pretty enough for company.

I’m going to put up the full recipe tomorrow, but for now, hop on over to (in)courage and enter to win $250 worth of the gorgeous Daily Grace line you see featured in the video.

Easy Chicken, Cheddar and Broccoli Braid with video tutorial