Embracing a “Trash to Treasure” mentality encourages so many creative juices for me.  Someone else may have chosen to discard the item for a few dollars at a yard sale, but to me, I see a world of new possibilities.
When you decorate on a dime, it opens up the ability to re-vamp for different seasons, holidays and celebrations without breaking the bank. For me, one of the easiest areas to update is the fireplace mantel decor.
Since my walls are green (for now), I initially choose to accent the mantel with all white pieces. As I shared in my Frugal Mantel Decor post, all the above decor was easily found at yard sales and thrift stores, so it makes it so manageable and fun to mix and match varying looks.
For Christmas, I swapped out this mirror for the iron works piece, and I actually kept it on the mantel until a few days ago.

 My Christmas Holiday Decor and more…
Last week, I wandered aimlessly around one of my favorite thrift stores, and saw this old shutter stacked in a corner priced at just $4.99. Broken into separate pieces, it obviously wasn’t doing the previous owner any good, but immediately, I knew it was perfect for my purpose.

So with only spending five dollars, and taking just five minutes out of my schedule, I took down the mirror, leaned the shutters on the mantel and a whole new look was born.

What I did took literally five minutes, and yes, there’s definitely more I could do, but I started. Sometimes we put off sprucing up our home decor due to time, but a few simple changes can really make a difference.
I’m still playing around with exactly how I want to accessorize the new fireplace mantel decor, but hopefully, it will inspire you to have fun with your mantel. Over the next 100 days (yes, it’s already the count down to Christmas), we have so many seasons and celebrations to help encourage us to switch up our mantel decor.

So what about you?
Do you decorate your fireplace mantel for the different seasons?