It’s that time of year again when things are all merry and bright. We hum Christmas carols, gather with family, make the most amazing memories so for many, it’s truly the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

You know me though, this is such a fun time of shopping and the DEALS and steals you can snag this weekend are the best of the year, yet while we are making our lists and checking them twice, make sure those shiniest and brightest new toys and gadgets are worked into your budget. (I’m such a mom.) If they are, then have fun and go to town. 🙂

We are heading to the mountains today, so I won’t get a chance to update some of my flash deals I see going on, but my long time blogging friend Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick has asked some of her favorite blogging friends to share their favorite finds this year.

(Keep up with my FB  because I’ll try and schedule some of the weekend only deals that didn’t make it in here.)

I’m sharing some very random favorites, which is my life with five children. 🙂


Fairy, twinkly lights

How have I not invested in these before? They are SO fun. I love white lights and have them everywhere (some I even keep up year round), but last year I bought my first “Fairy Lights” at Pier 1 and the whimsical touch they bring is perfect. They are very thin, so are much more versatile than the Christmas tree light strings. I used them for so many events, but the Pier 1 lights were a bit pricey (yes, used a gift card.) These are a much better deal or hope they still have some after Christmas. 😉

Throughout our home, I also have remote control candles. I burn real candles everywhere too, but for those hard to reach spots, I purchased multiple sets from Cosco and I LOVE being able to turn them off in one little click. These aren’t identical to the ones I have, but similar with great reviews. Flameless, remote control candles.

It’s always difficult to pick a few of my favorites from Dayspring because nearly all my “gifts” come from there. Home decor, inspirational, jewelry.

Hospitality - Wooden Tray
Hospitality – Wooden Tray

A few years ago, I bought this for my wall (at a much higher price ;)). It’s still one of my favorite things and reminds me of my mission – to swing wide the doors of our home for everyone who needs a place to celebrate both the beauty and bedlam of their every day life.

(I’m adding this code in case you see this post after the weekend. $20 off any $60 purchase plus free shipping coupon with SHINEHISLIGHT at checkout through 12/31.)


For those that have been here awhile, you already know my precious nephew, Edison, who I had the joy to bring home from Ecuador. (His powerful story of being thrown away and left to die is here)

My nephew Edison Mateo rocks his “Family Is More than Blood” shirt from Sevenly. I was adopted, too – so the fact that proceeds from these shirts go to Show Hope and their adoption work make it a great gift that gives!family-more-than-blood

They have amazing choices and $7 from every shirt purchased supports the accompanying non profit.


Shop some of the best shirt designs out there and support some of your favorite causes today. 


Dry Shampoo will change your life

Now such a random favorite, but gone are the days of old when blonds might sprinkle baby powder in their hair. 😉 Everyone can rock the 3 day hair now with dry shampoo.

It seriously makes such a difference and we’ve tried varying brands. I need to keep track now and do a whole post on them because they do vary, but for the price, this Herbal Essence is great.  Our teen daughters even spend their OWN money on dry shampoo. That’s when you know it’s worth it.

Living Proof Perfect is a higher end brand that is fabulous too if you want to give a few a try.


RTIC Stainless steel tumbler

All our college son wanted was a Yeti cooler. (He likes his fancy brands…ugh!) Those things are CRAZY expensive, but this tumbler, that looks like a Yeti, acts like a Yeti and remarkably holds ice like a Yeti is a fraction of the cost. It’s a favorite thing with ALL of us and there’s no difference in how well it works.


Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: Family Celebration of Christmas

For years, I’ve shared about our Jesse Tree tradition and while the kids are no longer all at home during this advent season, that doesn’t mean we don’t still embrace one of our most important traditions of the year. Read all about it and I highly encourage you to get one of the recommended books and start your own special memories.


PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Yes, for years this has been a favorite thing. Trust me on this.

It’s not gross at all and I know you’ll love it because I turned many of you onto this when I dropped my weight on the 17 Day Diet. It’s SO good and a favorite healthy treat I make is simply putting frozen bananas, a bit of milk and PB2 into our Blendtec (yes, another favorite) for Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with barely any fat!! SO GOOD!



I know you might not want more gadgets, so only buy this is you plan on some healthy eating plans in January. When I was doing my No Carb, this was perfect because I could curb my spaghetti habit with some veggie noodles and they were great!!


OVEN Baking Rack

Yes, I also have the layered cooling racks, but this is a life changer. How many times have I had side dishes that I couldn’t fit in? This is the perfect answer!!


Tfal Airbake Cookie sheets

For years, I’ve used stoneware for baking, but my favorite broke recently, so I gave these a try. The “No more burning” guarantee sucked me in and I’ve loved them. I started with the jelly roll pans (and bought two) because those are the best for my favorite Pumpkin Bar recipe. 


Instapot: 7 in 1 multi cooker that does everything

Yes, this is the multipurpose that pretty much does everything cooking phenomenon that everyone is going crazy about!  Last time it went on sale, my sister in law bought one and couldn’t believe I hadn’t told her earlier about this. She had never heard of it.


Bose Noise Cancelling headphones

This created the biggest fight discussion with my hubby last year as we debated gifts. We’re very strict on a budget and typically go with the “Less is more” philosophy. All of our sons requested these, but wow, the price tag took my breath away. My hubby made the decision that these were an investment in them(their one big gift), but only our eldest two got them. We weighed responsibility and whether someone was more prone to losing something. One didn’t get them. Yep, that’s parenting. A year later and both sons thank us and mention they’re the best investment ever. With college studying and long bus rides for our football player, they honestly block out all distractions. They’re an investment, but they assure us, worth it.cents-of-style

Cents of Style has been a go – to shopping source for me for years, especially for statement jewelry. The owner and founder, Courtney, is a dear friend and I love supporting women entrepreneurs.

Check out her Black Friday DOORBUSTERS! 40% off & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code BACKINBLACK16 (even after Black Friday, she’ll have lots of sales.

My daughter has begged for a Blanket Scarf for months and I can’t wait to snag this on Black Friday for $12.57 plus FREE SHIPPING with code. 


Then on Cyber Monday, she’s having 20 dresses on sale for under $30 using code CYBERDRESS.  I’m all about wearing items that double with softness as pajamas and this dress is it. Love how it’s styled four ways here. 🙂 $21 (free shipping) There are SO many adorable ones!!

Whew – I could keep going on with a few make up and hair ideas, but the kids are calling me. 🙂 (They learn their worst procrastination from their momma.)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and don’t forget some of my favorite meal ideas and traditions to make this season extra special.

Now join me!! I’m having so much fun getting great ideas from my friends this week, so go check them out for gift giving inspiration. They all have their favorite things up. 🙂

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