My special friend, Emily, has challenged us to spend the week contemplating and reflecting. Am I living in the moment? Staying true to my mission of passionately pursuing the little things which are truly the big things? Choosing joy amidst the pandemonium and poopies?
My decision to balance both beauty and bedlam results in a
struggle between ‘celebrating what is while anticipating what’s to come’ during this Advent time.
For those of you who follow my blog, you know that these last two weeks have been a whirlwind. I haven’t been able to be IN the moment, since I have been so busy just keeping my head above water with the moment.
Yet, I relished with a teenage boy (my sweet nephew), who didn’t care what any one thought and relaxed and refreshed from the moment.
A childhood moment like this is where memories are grafted.
There is such a serenity from a soothed spirit when I reflect on this gentleness.
This picture was taken when 30 people were milling around all taking a moment to wonder why
we can’t do this as adults.

I couldn’t resist watching this precious two some (it’s a different lab). They are like an old married couple. The yellow lab gives in a daily grooming to her companion. She even carries the kitty around in her mouth and they snuggle all night long – every day.
Who ever coined the term “fighting like cats and dogs?”

As I head off to spend the day at Magic Kingdom (now), I am not going to watch all the scenes on the stage; I am going to celebrate the moments of wonder in my childrens’ eyes as they absorb the moment. The innocence of meeting Cinderella for the first time will be gone so quickly. I don’t want to take it for granted…not for a moment.

Update on Sunday’s Game.
Youth Sports does NOT get better than that game.
Our team was down at half time 12-0, and defensively get their booties kicked. Mentally many of the guys had checked out. It was disappointing to see the emotions come forth.
Success comes from digging deep and realizing they are more than just a win or a loss. They did that in the second half. A few of the leaders rallied together, and really changed the whole mental state of the team. The final score ended up being 28-20. We scored 22 points in the fourth quarter and knocked off the team that was seeded first and picked to win the National Championship. I have sat through hundreds of sports games and this was the most exciting game I have ever witnessed. At a critical point, my son, the kicker, kicked a field goal to pull them ahead with 4 minutes left in the game. I was jumping up and down so much that I wet my pants….literally. I guess that is what having five children all close together with out doing those Kegal exercises that the doctor recommends will do to you.
Their 3:00 Wed game will have a live feed on Espn 360 web for people to watch on their computer. Such fun.

My husband still has my camera card, so I am waiting patiently to post the Christmas posts of our Jesse Tree this week. 🙂