tablescape with flowers_opt

In the midst of life, “to do” lists and just lots of stuff,  there are moments when we choose to stop and smell the roses (or the fresh flowers adorning my Easter table works quite well too.)

Because seemingly insignificant moments go by so quickly that I want to pause and enjoy them…

fresh flowers in vase_opt

like taking my camera off of “auto” to capture the beauty of these flowers.

Fireking glassware_opt

Or finding  the perfect white teacups for $1 at this weekend’s yard sale –

My heart lept when I saw them,  and they will look so happy with the plaid yard sale material that doubled as a table cloth yesterday.

Easter tablescape_opt

(frugal tablescape in process)

easter table decor_opt

How about peaking in on college aged sisters singing and worshiping spontaneously in our sitting room? (Yes – holding hands made the moment more precious for this auntie.)

singing sisters_opt

Or “Chillin'” cousins and brothers who know it’s cool to just hang out and talk. (This picture makes my heart swell. The girls were there a second earlier before they left to go sing, but I missed that pic, unfortunately.)

cousin bonding_opt

Ah, there are so many more things that I want to stop, view through my grateful lens and enjoy, but my huge “catch up and do” list is calling.

So in the middle of cooking a ton of food for this,

easter brunch ideas_opt(2)

and thoroughly enjoying the laughter and energy that filled our living room this this. ..

enjoying family_opt

I can’t wait to show you the project that side tracked much of my weekend time on this…

painting a kitchen island_opt

painting laminate cabinets_opt

Just a hint…not only does the painted color turquoise bring me joy, but it works on laminate….oh yes it does!