As I browsed the web trying to find the perfect “quote” to encourage women with their mothering, I realized that my personal exhortation when I speak at Mops is always the one to which I come back.

In these moments, when the days are long, and I feel that I can’t get through another day, I remind myself that I am more than a meal maker, more than a nose blower, more than a bootie wiper.

I am a Dream Maker….
I am a Life Changer…
I am a Legacy Leaver

Reflect and ponder on that moms.
You have been uniquely chosen by God to mother your children through the good, bad and ugly.

Your value is not determined by what others think of you or even what you think of yourself (read that again, and commit that to memory).

Your worth, your value is determined by how God views you…and HE loves you more than His own life. You are His precious child, His daughter.

Moms, we have been uniquely chosen by God to mother our children.
What an honor!
The days are long, but the years are short.

How do you view this calling of mothering? Is it a blessing or a burden?
Let’s encourage each other on this challenging journey, wherever we are in the process.
We only have one chance to do it right, and I want to live with no regrets.

How about you?

Happy Mother’s Day!