It’s that time of the year when we want our homes to be cozy, to exude warmth for the soul, and yet we fret about making our home decorations perfect.
As my sweet daughters and I strolled up our drive, I wondered at the splendor decorating the trees. I knew that the most glorious decorations come from the simple beauty within our everyday surroundings.
Have you pondered how to create some easy Thanksgiving decorations without spending any money or time? Does that sound to good to be true?
Enjoy your outdoors and create cozy, fall decor at the same time.
One of the easiest ways I incorporate any kind of home decor into my seasonal looks is by decorating with nature and bringing the outside in.

With any yard sale vase and a few snips of your branches, you can create a statement piece that takes only one minute to produce.
(And now I am off to snip some more for my dining room centerpiece.)
P.S. Just like flowers, you’d think I would have thought about the fact that tree branches need water too. 🙂