This Easy Chicken Chili soup brings out the Tex Mex lover in all of us.

Our family stirs up varying debates.

Sometimes topics run deep and introspective, swapping between politics, religion and other politically incorrect table talk discussions, while others, well, they are a debate for debate sake.

Tonight’s debate sparked discussion on chili vs. soup.

You see this delicious and oh, so easy Tex Mex Chicken Chili, er, Soup can be either, depending on how much broth you choose to add.

All I know is that we love it and it’s a great change from the traditional chili. Of course, since we already have our chicken cooked up in bulk and ready to go, this is one of those perfect comfort night meals that is ready to go on a moment’s notice.

Keep the pantry stocked and you’ll be ready all winter long.

Easy Tex Mex Chicken Soup

Terrible late night i-phone picture, but shows that teens spoon this up on demand at midnight,

Chock full of some of my favorites, this is a perfect meal for large groups of guests because not only can you make this ahead of time (the flavors are always better the next day,) but the toppings are what takes the Tex-Mex status to the next level.

Serve the toppings in a buffet style and guests can customize to their hearts content. If you are like my guys, Tabasco Sauce is front and center. They like it hot.

Tex Mex Chicken Chili @10MinuteDinners

When I served this last, I made it hearty, but then I realized it was getting gobbled up quickly and two more kids needed to eat, so I added a bit more broth to it and voila, it stretched.

This is a versatile meal and you can tweak it to your family’s likes by adding additions or making subtractions. You can also easily make this in a crock pot using already cooked chicken and sautéed onions.

If you love this, you’ll want to make sure you add on my Dump and Run Taco Soup.

Enjoy!!  (And make sure to double or triple this recipe because it freezes SO well.)