Easy Minion Cookies using Milano cookies

If you are a parent of littles (or even little at heart), my guess is that you will be heading to the theater (or waiting a few more months for the DVD to come out) and watching the blockbuster, Minions.

From Despicable Me to absolute stardom, they are enjoying their limelight.

I mean, they are so cute. How can we all not love these adorable single celled yellow organisms that live to serve?

In honor of the movie, why not kick off the festivities with a fun and delicious treat – these easy Minion Cookies using Milanos. Yes, my favorite kind of shortcut cookie.

I see lots of kid parties using these cookies as the star of the show. 
Minion cookie supplies
The list of ingredients is short and sweet. Everything you can purchase on Amazon (linked below) or Michaels, with the Milano cookies located in your favorite dessert aisle at your grocery store. 🙂

Easy directions for making Minion cookies

Who doesn't love these adorable Minion Cookies They are so easy when they start with a short cut secret.

The best part is that you never even need to turn on your oven because they are NO Bake treats, so it’s perfect for these hot months.

Grab the kids and enjoy making these together.

They will love seeing their Minions come to life.

Adorable and easy Minion Cookies using Milanos. SO CUTE!!!