Slowly, very slowly, I’m frugally decorating my girls’ room.
Picking up a dresser here, an end table there, along with lamps, pictures etc. has been a patient pursuit of hidden treasures.
Ironically, the girls’ room will eventually be the school room. The boys’ room will be the girls’ new room, and the boys will move to the hidden alcoves of “the attic.”
Did you follow all that? You may need to read it again. 🙂
I’ve been slow to finish their room since I was anticipating a move, but how sad that I kept waiting for “the next day.”
That “next day” may be awhile, so I’m sprucing things up for the time being.

The girls eyed these Dollar Store decals and were so ecstatic when I mentioned they could put them where ever they wanted. (Don’t you just love being the hero for $1?)
I decided to work off that theme with some of my beautiful papers.
Seriously, am I the only one who has an entire used scrapbook store in their closet?
And I am not exaggerating. If only I had put that time into my blog..sigh, but I digress.

With one free wall left, I decided to use some of the papers and my circle punch for a little experiment.
Digging around in “the attic” I found an ugly yard sale painting.
Honestly, ugly paintings with a quality canvas is a great find. It’s a bonus if there’s a solid wood frame with it. Frames are very inexpensive at yard sales, where as they are costly when purchased brand new.
Remember to think outside the box, and “shop your home”.
Frames can be painted any color to create a cohesive look.
Collecting ten various wooden frames is one of my “treasure hunts” these days.
I plan on redoing my family photo area that is showcased up our staircase.

I painted over the ugly painting (sorry, Barbara ? from 1998) with a light green paint that was in “the attic.” (Are you seeing a theme…there’s a treasure cove up there).

I cut out a variety of circles and played around with the positioning.
This is a wonderful DIY for the kids as well.
I simply glued the circles on with rubber cement, and voila…finished masterpiece.

Previously, I had painted this wood frame and knew it would be a “perfect fit” for my creation.
Doesn’t it accent the girls’ green walls wonderfully?
Well, it wasn’t…a perfect fit, that is, but that’s why this blog is Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.
So, I am off to “the attic” to find a 12×16 size.
I know I have one up there somewhere.
The beauty of this project is not just the ease, speed and versatility, but the cost…for me…nothing.

My attempt was just an experiment.
I wanted to see how much I liked the finished project, so I did a smaller version of what I originally saw (which was around 2’x3′).

Last year, this idea was stirred by Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles, it just took me awhile to implement. Now, I’m looking around my walls for a spot that is calling for the larger version to come out and play.

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