I’ve been making this recipe for quite  a few years ago, but remember what I put when I first tried it. “There are times when I bite into a new recipe and I just exclaim, “Wow.”

Rarely do I hear “ooh and ahhs” from our children on something that is 100% healthy and delicious. Well, with this Citrus Herb Chicken, it was a bit more than that. Out of my full mouth came something like, “Oh yum, that is so moist and I love the blend of those flavors. I can’t believe how good it is and how easy it was to prepare, and it’s perfect for my 17 Day Diet Keeping the Weight Off: What are You Eating? I can eat this every day without guilt.”

Yes, I’m always on and off in my big push to lose some of those pounds that I have put on over the last years, but I do know that choosing healthy, low carb, whole food, recipe options are always best, and this is perfect. The best part though is that our kids gobbled it up right along with me.

The variety of flavors bursts in your mouth and leaves you wondering. Who would expect lemon to pair so well with chili powder?

While I made this with skinless, boneless chicken breast, it’s a perfect recipe for which to take advantage of some of the varying chicken sales, since this works just as well with pieces.

As I shared in my “Easy Ways to Get Dinner on the Table fast” post, often I come home and separate my bulk chicken packages into individual freezer bags with some kind of marinade or seasoning rub before putting them into the freezer. For this, I did use the package of chicken that had been tossed with a bit of Worcestershire Sauce. Yes, that’s it. That’s my lazy marinade, but it works. When I have my homemade seasonings and rubs mixed up, I will add some of those in as well (and they’re so good.)

This recipe has been added to my repertoire of “Power Cooking and 10 Minute Dinner” ideas, since it’s perfect for the freezer. When I get home from the store, I will mix together the seasonings, add in the chicken and lemon juice and put it all in a freezer friendly bag until I am ready to bake. Then it’s as simple as thawing, dumping in a pan, and baking (or grilling).

Make extra chicken breasts, since this is a great C.O.S.T cooking recipe (Cook Once, Serve Twice). It’s so delicious topped on salads or wrapped in a pita for a quick lunch on the go.

Easy Citrus Herb Chicken - perfect quick dinner idea


It’s a fresh tangy spot in the midst of this dreary winter weather, (but if you are reading this during the blazing hot days of summer, it’s perfect on the grill.)

Another 10 Minute Dinner idea