I first shared this Easy and Elegant Chocolate Souffle recipe over at 10 Minute Dinners.  It’s one of those go-to desserts that should be added to everyone’s repertoire because it looks and tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen, but we all know the truth. 😉

This dessert is a wonderful option for hosting because while it’s decadent, delicious and elegant  – perfect for a special evening – it’s also simple enough that you can teach the kids how to make it as well.

Since this makes such a beautiful presentation when made in individual dishes, I specifically scour thrift stores and yard sales for ramekin dishes just for personalized desserts like this. Typically, you’ll easily find them for $0.50 – $1 and it truly elevates the ordinary.

With only four ingredients, you can not go wrong with this easy chocolate Souffle recipe. It’s gooey goodness, especially if chocolate is one of your love languages and really, who doesn’t love melted chocolate.



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