With some simple glaze, these Cherry Pie Bars are a perfect treat without the fuss

Sitting in my blog post drafts, is an amazing 100 % homemade recipe for Apple Pie Bars. I’ve been meaning to post it here for, oh, over a year and still will, but decided to go with this short cut recipe instead.

Where does the time fly?? šŸ˜‰

Anyhow, when I got a last minute text wondering if I could bring dessert to our large family gathering which was about to takeĀ place in a few hours, I knew that something short, sweet and large enough to feedĀ our gang were all requirements needed to be taken into consideration.

Don’t forget thatĀ ingredients all needed to be onĀ hand too (and thus, 1/2 apple, 1/2 Cherry – yes, I love when great accidents happen like that.)

I just don’t like making pie crust, so when you give me an option like this, I’m all for it. (It’s also why I always do a Streusel topping on my Apple Pies when I do make them. It’s also what I use for my “other” Apple Pie Bar option that’s never been posted. :))

These delicious Cherry Pie Bars make every day better

What I love about this recipe is that there is really a lot of variety. You can basically add any pie filling or extract to give the flavor base that you want and if you are Ā in a crazy time pinch, you could probably even use store bought sugar cookie dough instead of whipping up the homemade crust. (But this crust is SOOO good and does come together very quickly.)

Make these amazing Cherry Pie Bars in a few minutes. Delicious sugar crust is a wonderful addition

Yes, the best of both worlds, Apple or Cherry.

Since Cherry Pie filling is sweet enough, I didn’t add any extra sweetener. If you happen to use an all natural, no sugar added one, you’ll want to sprinkle sugar on top like I did with the apples. The Apple Pie filling I had wasn’t very sweet, so not only did I add in thin slices of fresh apples (see them peeking through?), I also sprinkled that side with sugar. It gave it more of that apple pie feel.

Another easy dessert that tastes gourmet - Cherry Pie Bars

And you thought I was the only animated one in my family. My nieces and my mom show what a few moments of conversation is like when we’re together. Love them. šŸ™‚

Simple easy dessert
Enjoy, my friends!!!

This just may become one of your new favorites.

Cherry Pie Bars - these are such a yummy dessert and you can make with apple filling too

Scroll below to pin my sweet puppy being so patient. šŸ™‚

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These delicious Cherry Pie Bars are sure to be a huge hit for any dessert lover.