Layers of delicious flavors make this Butterscotch Torte a perfect indulgence.

Do you love browsing old church cookbooks as much as I do? Honestly, one of my favorite recipes come from sweet Edna and Edith’s collections .

Those ladies know how to cook and they understand the definition of comfort food that feeds a crowd. It’s always fun to try and decipher some of the instructions and old ingredients. Yes,  I had to google Oleo in the past just to make sure I knew what they meant?

We just love this Butterscotch Torte. Great for summer!

Often, melding of flavors bring about such wonderful memories and one bite of this torte reminded me of childhood church potlucks. My sister in law brought this to a recent family gathering and I was so excited. The layers of flavors make this the perfect, light dessert. It’s one of those recipes which is easy to double. Just use a large, restaurant size pan, plus it’s wonderful to make well in advance to ease last minute prep. I’m always looking to build my repertoire of No Bake desserts and this is another delicious winner.

Layered wtih so many creamy flavors, this Butterscotch Torte is always a favorite.