The Amazing and ever so Easy Berry Pancakes that made me step back and remember, “I don’t HAVE to, I GET to.”

Easy Berry Pancakes

This week has been one which has included a soul wrenching and dramatic shift in perspective. Hard life situations will do that, won’t they?

(Que: scurry away from computer thinking, “I just want a pancake recipe.”)  I know, I know and I’m going to give it to you, but first let me share my morning pondering.

I was convicted that one little word shift in my attitude and vocabulary can have a profound impact on how I do life with those around me.

Yesterday morning, our #3 son stumbled out of bed. He didn’t want the eggs I offered him, and barely grunted a few words of acknowledgment as he came downstairs. Honestly, he was just darn right unpleasant.

Does anyone else have kids that are a bear in the morning? Yes, it doesn’t sit well with me because choosing your attitude is one of those core momma beliefs in this home.

Easy Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry pancakes

When our children choose the easy way out, like complaining and grumbling, then my reaction for breakfast is, “Grab your own Poptart then.”

This morning, Mr. Grunter asked for pancakes.

Young mommas ask me for advice on picky eaters, and I share that I have never been, nor ever will be, a short order cook. What I make, the kids eat – with one “pass” food exception. (You can read all about my suggestions for picky eaters here), but this morning I let the annoyance slide.

This morning, my son came down the stairs and I didn’t care about the bad attitude because one of my dear friends will never again be able to make her 19 year old son breakfast.

She got that nightmare call and it’s hit me incredibly hard because I know how easily we could have gotten the same “car accident” call. We have three older sons just like they do. We worry and wonder about their driving, but it was them that answered that phone.

As our son grunted his way to the table, I knew my sweet friend would give anything for the same, annoying morning greeting. She would gladly be a short order cook. For the rest of her life, she will daydream about the breakfasts when he joined them at the table.

Use any of your favorite berries for these easy 4-Berry Pancakes

So I took pancakes a step further and packed them with love and made these into Easy Berry Pancakes. I added four different kinds of berries (thanks to Cosco’s frozen berry mix, fresh is best, but frozen is so easy) and I remembered that this thing called motherhood,

– this soul draining, calling I have on my life, this making of meals over and over when I’m tired and worn out and really don’t want to, it’s a privilege.


This simple perspective shift needs to be our mothering war cry.

It’s a one word gratitude challenge.

“I don’t HAVE to, I GET to  __________.”

So maybe this weekend, you make this delicious recipe (you’ll want to double it), and while you’re feeling all Martha Steward-y, make this homemade blueberry syrup too because you won’t believe how easy it is.

Then pray for/think about my precious friend, Tammy, her hubby and their three remaining children because life as they know it has changed forever.

Go laugh hard with your loved ones, bear hug them and tickle them, dance in the kitchen and do all the silly things you’ve been putting off because of your crazy fall schedule.

I’ll join you because we don’t have to, we get to.

Blueberry, strawberry (any kind of berry) pancakes

Make these delicious berry pancakes. With a touch of yogurt, they are the perfect breakfast starter.