For years, the idea of little ‘ole me, whipping up my own delicious homemade frosting seemed daunting. I’m sure there are a few of you out there who still feel the same way, but let me put your mind at ease.

You CAN do this!! It’s so simple, you may never go back to store bought again.

Just take a look at the ingredients listed in this easy Homemade Buttercream Frosting; powdered sugar, cream, extract and butter – what could be easier? Once you give this a try, you’ll realize just how versatile it can be with so many desserts, and it makes you feel all gourmet.

While I have added almond extract because I love that almond flavor, the traditional buttercream frosting just uses vanilla extract. You can swap it out with any flavoring though for nearly any kind of dessert.

Since my Chocolate Cupcakes are made with cake mix, it makes me feel completely happy that I frost them with this yummy homemade frosting. This makes enough for about 12 cupcakes, so you can double it for a large batch. It saves really well, but watch out, I had a small bowl of it in the fridge for the entire week and it was very difficult to keep away from. We had frosting on crackers, bread, and I think a few snitched it right off the spoon.

Yes, it’s that good, so enjoy!

Do you have a favorite “GO TO” frosting for easy cakes and desserts?

I can’t wait to see what you are all cooking up for this Tasty Tuesday. Please remember to link up, link back to my site and give some love to the other bloggers.