Power Cooking, Cooking in Bulk, Freezer cooking are all synonymous with quick and easy techniques that I use to help get dinner on the table with less stress and less mess.
Draining ground beef is one of them.
When I shared my Power Cooking video with you, I realized that there are so many “behind the scenes” tips and tricks thatย I intrinsically do without thinking about them, yet just one of those kitchen tips may revolutionize the way you think about food preparation.
So, I am not going to worry about whether it seems “too easy.” I am just going to share them bit by bit and maybe just one of you will find it helpful.
When I cook ground beef, the one thing that simply makes sense is to cook up large quantities at one time. Cooking ground beef in bulk in the crock pot or frying up ten pounds of meat at one time only takes seconds more than cooking up only one pound at time. Yet, when I cook ground beef, the worst thing for me is spooning out all the excess grease, and in large amounts, it takes time and is so tedious.
To avoid that dilemma with large quantities,ย  place a colander over another bowl. On top of the bottom bowl I lay some tin foil on top of a grocery bag to help catch the grease mess. When I am done frying the beef, I let the meat cool for just a few minutes, and then I dump the beef in the top colander and let the draining do it’s magic. The grease all drains into the plastic bag/bowl, and then I can easily tie the top of the bag and throw it away. Yes, draining ground beef is a wonder tip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What could be easier?
You are then left with perfectly de-greased meat to add to your many freezer containers for quick and easy preplanned Power Meal preparation.
For those really watching fat content, if you want to take the de-greasing process a step further, I have even rinsed the cooked meat while it’s in the colander. It removes any excess fat, for very lean beef.
(P.S. Make sure you remove that plastic bag first if you attempt this tip.;)

Hopefully, this will help just one of you tackle some Power Cooking ideas with Ground Beef this week.
Continue reading for more strategic ideas on revolutionizing your week in the kitchen.