caroling collage
The Door to Door Christmas Caroling tradition has become a thing of the past, but not for our extended family.
For over a decade, we gather, put together plates of Christmas goodies, and visit our neighbors. Now, remember, we are country folk, so caroling to our neighbors means jumping in my brother’s fifteen passenger “White Shark,” our “Hunk o’ Junk” mini van, and gallivanting down our country road. Some of these “neighbors” we only converse with once a year during our annual caroling trek, but others, we see often. Either way, it gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude to them and share some Christmas cheer.
We’ve have so many funny stories from throughout the years, even so far as to visit people that let it be known they like dogs more than people, yet it’s been a true outreach that has created a memorable tradition embedded on our family’s heart.
Once a sweet elderly couple even called us to make sure they knew when we were coming. Since we’re kind of night owl folk, I admit, we’ve gone a few times past their bed time. 🙂
Right now, we’re trying to get our calendar in sync. Sometimes it’s easy to let the important things slide by the way side of what seems like the “urgent” things. As I view the pictures from last year, I realize this is one of the important things. 🙂
If you haven’t considered visiting your neighbors in this old fashioned Christmas Carol tradition, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing like sharing joy through music and hospitality.