I was in shopping heaven yesterday, and felt so wonderfully pampered.
Where else but the best of the best would offer free door to door shuttle service which aims to please?
A warm kind hearted sheriff that directs traffic and…
offers to bring you coffee while you wait.
(Notice the lines of traffic causing a huge jam up on a major city street).
Ahhh…he’s smiling nicely for me after I promised him fame and notoriety.
Oh…this guy below is the fame and notoriety.
For news crews to be here, it is elegant shopping at its finest….


IT DOES A HEART GOOD to know that I am changing lives by shopping there
(that’s the reason, you know…it’s not for finding treasures amongst the trash…no, not at all).
Anyhow…our newly redesigned “Grand Re-opening” was yesterday. I had no idea the commotion that was going to come from it. My balance of beauty and bedlam moment came right at Good will. It was completely crazy, and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I have never seen anything like it, but it was SO FUN (if you like fun in a smooshed, not in a rush, meet new people from all walks of life) kind of fun.
Anyhow, they ended up interviewing me for the news and web article. I unfortunately have a “just come from the pool” hairdo, but I had a really cute skirt on…that counts for something, doesn’t it?
thrifty shopper article

CLICK HERE TO SEE ME LIVE AT GOOD WILL…ah, my teenager is SO PROUD! (ha ha)I just found out that once you link, you will have to choose ‘thrift shop video.’
Thrifty shopper debut
Then come back and scroll down to see all my finds!!
And since I love vicariously living through other people’s finds, you can live through mine!!

It is in need of a great make over…
and I am starting with this. Black accents.
Two shelves (one is just sitting on the other)
The card type design will definitely be pained over.

The neat wrought iron around the tiles will stay.
The ceramic tiley thing a majiggers will be painter over.
Aren’t they cool….49 cents…can’t beat that.


The only things that will be painted are the off-white large plates, and the black wrought iron plaque (gotta be white…maybe:)

It stinks having a bad camera because the detail on these is really beautiful. Look through your house hold things that have small holes. I will be hanging these plates with a green ribbon to match my walls (see yesterday’s post)

THE GIRLS’ “Pottery Barn” Room Finds
Yes, I have bitten off a bit more than I can chew…I have 4 weeks to get this all done.
Can I do it?
It’s such a God story to see how HE continually provides in the little things.
I will share tomorrow how even something like Goodwill shows our children that HE has the desires of their heart in mind.
The glaring silver things above to the right match the curtains and bowls perfectly.
They are place card holders in the shape of flowers with butterflies.
I am going to paint them pink, purple, yellow and green to clip on the window “mistreatments.”

Green crystal beads, adorable lace lamp shade, 3 ceramic bowls to put their treasures, two shabby chic pillow shams (new), blue sheer drapes and one flower Pottery Barn drape…going to cut that baby in two…yipee
I have to GO….UGH! A friend is waiting for me…no time to edit.
Look at the one happy dog with all the Good Will bags behind him…

(yes, the dog with the GW bone laying next to him…no lie…I bought the dog bone at Good will. I know what you’re thinking. It’s new! I am not that bad.)

Note the cute carpet that he is on...

Now get some air in your lungs, Breathe in, breathe out.
Ok, you’re ready!
YARD SALE LAST WEEKEND…POTTERY BARN CARPET….$5!!! We looked on-line..it was $499 new.

Nuff said….Pottery Barn…$5….ahhhhh!